Living in Ikea would be a lot like living at home, except the furniture is already built so there's none of those tiny wrenches and missing screw stuff to deal with. Oh yeah, there's also the fact that they seem to think people can live totally comfortably in under 400 square feet of space with minimalist household tools. Would it work? Is it comfortable? That's the theme behind Christian Gideon's latest set of photos, "What if you lived at Ikea?"

Gideon, his brother Dylan and their buddy Michael hung out in the pre-created living space at their local Ikea, waiting for staff and customers to roll on through, picking up their Ekby Gruven and other easy-to-build furniture along the way, and snapping shots of the living situations there-in. And because you're wondering, they thought the bedrooms were the most true-to-life of every area they frollicked.