donothingfor2minutesYou know what the nicest thing about is? Even nicer than the soothing sound of waves cascading on the sand and the magnificent ocean view? It's the fact that at no point during the two minutes of calm-filled nothingingness that so deftly provides, does Linda Blair's demonic face pop up on the screen and scare the living chips out of you just when you least expected it.

Donothingfor2minutes is just two minutes of pure, unadulterated internet bliss -- except for the fact that if you do do something computer related during the allotted two minutes, like move the mouse or open a new tab because two minutes never felt so long and you're just totally bored out of your mind, the site tells you you failed (thanks a lot, website) and starts the timer all over again.

Whatever. It's a small price to pay for nothing.