encyclopedia dramatica becomes oh internetEncyclopedia Dramatica has long been the internet's source for finding out what's happening on 4Chan's /b/ without actually reading /b/, but it looks like this often-vulgar compendium of weird internet culture has been shut down and cleaned up. The new, sanitized wiki, OhInternet, scrubs out the racism and gross-out content ... it's like Know Your Meme, but entirely user-editable.

We love Know Your Meme and its team of meme experts, but Encyclopedia Dramatica always covered the unpalatable stuff that KYM won't touch. That's not to endorse personal drama, immature flame wars, bizarre porn or racial stereotypes at all, just to say that they're undoubtedly part of the internet, and ED was one heck of a fascinating study of that part of online culture.

OhInternet will never fully take ED's place, but it is run by one of ED's original founders, Girlvinyl, who has high hopes that the new, clean site will take off and grow its own community.

via:// Geekosystem