blind film critic reviews scream 4So, Scream 4 is apparently a thing, and it's getting lots of mixed reviews (a 53 on Metacritic and a 57% on Rotten Tomatoes). You should ignore all that, though, because those reviewers saw the movie. Instead, you should check out this Scream 4 review by blind movie critic Tommy Edison, who just heard the movie.

Based on the lack of dialogue and the huge amounts of screaming and dramatic music, Tommy concludes that the film fell short in the character development department. The female characters, in particular, basically just complain and scream. Tommy hopes they looked good, at least! Sure, there's some comedy to this review, but it's also amazing how much you can learn about a movie without the visuals.

Dear filmmakers, if there's not enough dialogue to let a blind critic follow the plot, you might be leaning a bit too heavily on images.