tina fey and swaggering aliceTina Fey's little one, Alice, has become a meme for her cute strut and swag. The spring in this girl's step makes me think the family was on their way to a candy store. The scowl on Tina's face makes me think that the paparazzi followed them the entire way... those jackasses.

Regardless of the scenario that led to this picture, it has been morphed and edited all over Reddit to emphasize the swag in little Alice's step. I'll bet you would have that much swagger if you were Tina Fey's kid.

Also, I was surprised to learn that the tiny guy next to them is Tina's husband. I hear he is talented at something, so let that justify not making fun of the little guy who landed the hottest lady comic in the biz. (U jelly? -- ed.)

Here are some of the best Swaggering Alice pics I found on Buzzfeed and Reddit.

Serious Attitude

alice swag

Once you see it ...

Leo has caught up, but still has less swag than Alice

Shortly after this picture was snapped, Alice injured two of these guys and scored a goal

They both have swan-like grace...

That swag is a bit swaggier with a top hat and cane

Sad Keanu needs a lesson in swagger

Alice is leading some chumps to meet the wizard