anderson cooper slams people who pay snookiI will never understand why people watch The Jersey Shore. I just don't get it. Maybe "its a Jersey thing," that a simple Kentucky boy like me just can't fully grasp, but every time I see a clip or article on this show I can't help but wonder why everyone is so fascinated by this crap. I may not be qualified to argue that this show is as bad as it is. I've never seen a single episode. I've only seen clips and highlights on other shows that poke fun at it's absurdity. Thankfully, respected journalist Anderson Cooper decided it was time to give his two cents on The Jersey Shore, focusing specifically on one character ... Snooki.

Anderson dedicated an entire "Ridiculist" segment to criticizing those responsible for paying Snooki for being Snooki. I (like Anderson) can't understand how the cast members of The Jersey Shore are paid as much as they are for doing... well, what is it that they do exactly? Anderson Cooper rips into Snooki like I have been waiting for someone to do on national television since I first saw someone mimic the fist pump. The amount of money that she makes in one episode would pay off my student loans 4 times.

I'll get drunk on TV! Does anyone want to see me get drunk on TV? Does anyone want to pay me $100,000 a episode to puke jagerbombs all over myself and then bang the first person who wanders into the club restroom? No. Of course not. No one wants to see that. But that is what Snooki basically does in every episode of the "Music Television Network's" The Jersey Shore. It sickens me. Thank you, Anderson Cooper, for speaking your piece on this issue.