brazilian lego tower world recordThe Lego towers that I used to make in my rooms were nothing but tiny tributes to this ultimate, world record crushing, Lego tower just recently constructed in Sao Paulo, Brazil. This thing is no joke. They're using a freakin' crane to secure the final portions with a rubber mallet high in the sky.

How high in the sky? This tower is 102 feet and 3 inches tall made from 500,000 Lego pieces. They used a wire system to prevent it from falling over in gusts of wind! Brazil isn't kidding around. This is no trivial pursuit. They are breaking records over there with this. Incredibly, it only took 4 days to build with more than 6,000 Lego experts (a lot of of them children) on the job.

Brazil has raised the bar. Other countries must now step up their Lego tower building game.