david thorne photoshopped justin bieber's head onto a pickleDavid Thorne, the vicious prankster behind 27b/6, is famous for trolling his officemates, often using his skills as a graphic designer. He's just returned after a long dry spell, this time Photoshopping Justin Bieber's face onto every image in a coworker's stock photo folder. That includes Bieber-faced french fries, beans, and furniture, and even a giant Bieb-fireball.

The prank resulted in a "formal complaint" from the humiliated victim, who must have been embarrassed to even put the events into writing. It's never clear if Thorne's pranks are real or just very imaginative, but you have to believe he'd be fired by now, after years of masterful trolling. Congrats to David on another job well done.

david thorne gets a formal complaint after photoshopping justin bieber's face onto stock photos