kitten in a bucketIf there is one thing I know about cats, it is that the majority of them hate taking baths. They are independent creatures fully capable of licking themselves clean. When I was a growing up my family had two cats and every time we even attempted to give them a bath or they had the slightest inkling that the bathwater that was being drawn could possibly be for them they would hide under the bed. When we finally got them in the water they would just meow and meow, deep and guttural, obviously hating every second of it.

I can't decide whether or not the adorable kitten in this video is enjoying this warm bucket soak and perhaps deep in thought and zoning out the way I tend to do in a hot tub, or if it is shamed and humiliated for having that towel on its head for two and a half minutes. Either way this kitten is as cute as can be and is definitely handling its bath time better than my cats ever did. If you like kitty videos (and I know you do) check out bucket kitty. Its the cutest animal/bucket video since that polar bear used one as a hat.