angry kitty defends her foodThis is exactly what happens when you feed your cat dry food its entire life and then give it just a taste of Fancy Feast. Once you've tried it, I swear you just can't go back to the kibble. This feisty little kitty is defending each and every morsel of food she can claw away from her owner. She is quite literally biting the hand that feeds her.

She is as scrappy as an alley cat and eats like she just got out of prison. It makes me wonder when this cat was last fed, or if she actually was an alley cat that these people lured into their home. Notice all the other cats in the video? Perhaps they take in rescues and feral cats.

I don't know because this video has no description. Still though, we all love cats, and even the angry ones can be totally adorable as you can see in this video. I just think someone needs to dose this kitty up with some catnip and mellow her out a bit, or maybe just put the food in a bowl and give her some space so she doesn't have to fight for it. Now there's an idea!