Etsy is a wilderness of handcrafted merchandise you'd likely never find in stores. Sometimes their goods are modeled by adorable babies, other times by sad Etsy boyfriends who'd rather be playing video games or drinking a beer than showcasing their partner's newest crocheted creation.

No matter who -- or what -- is modeling the item, though, you can't deny Etsy sellers' ability to provide uncommon creations at an affordable price.

Take these Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle goods, for example. Now tell me -- where else can you find a TMNT beer cozy or a "Cowabunga!" skirt?

Cowabunga coffee cup cozy keeps your morning cup o' joe (and hands) nice and toasty.

Spice up your Macbook with this TMNT decal.

Chocolate tastes better when it's fun to look at. The proof is in these Ninja Turtle choco-pops.

Now your baby can drool in style!

Every ear looks better with a set of Ninja Turtles dangling from it!

Entertain your kiddos (or yourself) with these TMNT finger puppets. Enough for every finger!

Exchange your haute couture for this colorful piece!

A hoodie that disguises you as one of the 80s best cartoon characters? Yes, please!

Back off from this guy's hat or he'll destroy you, TMNT style!

Hang this Leonardo print in your office, den or kids' room for an extra punch of pizazz.

Be the envy of every partier with this Ninja Turtle beer cozy!

Admit it -- you wish you could travel back to your youth hood just to put this on decal on your bedroom wall.

We recommend pairing this necklace with the TMNT earrings.

With Leonardo protecting your change, you'll never have to dig around in the couch cushions again.

Keep your Ninja Turtle obsession classy with this DIY cross stitch!

Must. Own. Now.

Only the coolest little girls wear original TMNT garments.

RIP Ninja Turtles Nintendo game.

So you'll never burn your hands again.

Protect your iPad or iPod from knicks, cracks and scratches with this cover.

What better use for an old sweatshirt than a new throw pillow?

Tres chic limited edition oil painting of Leonardo will keep your office looking spiffy.

Edible Ninja Turtles? Don't mind if I do!

Finally - a wearable top reconstructed out of your childhood shirts.

Stay cozy in this fleece TMNT hoodie.

A fancy schmancy glass-style TMNT pendant is the best way to stand out in a crowd.

A ferocious Ninja Turtle must-have.