Lenin Cat and actual LeninThere is a meme floating around out in internet land that has only recently grabbed our attention. Introducing Lenin Cat! A communist kitty for the working class felines.

Recently a thread popped up on Reddit displaying a picture of a very defiant looking kitty. It could just be the implied eyebrows and beard, but you can see revolution in this cats eyes. If this cat is cute (and I believe that it is) does that make Vladimir Lenin cute as well?

I originally thought that Reddit was where this the meme originated, but then I found a Lenin Cat YouTube video dating back to 2009. I discovered the Lenin Cat has been hiding underground waiting for his day for revolution. As Vladimir Lenin once said:

"It is impossible to predict the time and progress of revolution. It is governed by its own more or less mysterious laws."

So move over Business Cat! Your day has come and gone. There is a new kitty in town who has just returned from exile to bring equality and Fancy Feast for all kitties everywhere by any means necessary.

Here's the old-school Lenin Cat video ...

... and here are some of the funnier Lenin Cat pics: