autoerotique turn up the volume video featuring exploding cakeEveryone's all in a tizzy about Autoerotique's new exploding cake music video for "Turn Up the Volume," and we think it's great, too. What's not to love about bright, multicolored cakesplosions? But, because we're from the internet, we've got to be the party poopers who call "OLD!" on this trope. Rewind to almost a year ago, when cupcake-themed clothing label Johnny Cupcakes set up a cupcake cannon and did the same slow-motion, hi-def pastry blast schtick.

That's not to say that Autoerotique are unoriginal. There's actually a loose narrative here, instead of "let's just shoot things with cake." It's something about a birthday party just exploding, and then school picture day starring a bunch of high school archetypes and a bunch of flying cake bits. Anyway, this video is making a big, frosted splash all over the internet, and you need to see it!