baby giraffeMiniature pet giraffes are still all the rage on Facebook (even though they're not real), but get a load of the newborn giraffe at the Cincinnati Zoo! This baby might not be small enough to sit on your lap -- in fact, it will probably grow up to weigh 1800 lbs. like its mama, Tessa -- but it's adorable! It's also the first giraffe born at the Zoo in 26 years. The calf hasn't been named yet, and its sex is still unknown.

Check out a super-cute video of Tessa and the calf below. Pro Tip: Skip to :20 if you don't feel like watching some birthing footage of the calf literally fall out of her mother. It's not as graphic as the human birth videos you had to watch in health class, but I'd still wait til you finish eating before watching this little giraffe enter the world.