lonely island we're back turtleneck and chain penis rapThe Lonely Island, SNL star Andy Samberg's YouTube-dominating rap group, have returned with a new video. "We're Back" is the drastically NSFW intro track from their new album, "Turtleneck and Chain." If you're not ready for penises, horse blood transfusions, and a metric crap-ton of cusses yet this morning, I advise saving it for later. If that stuff sounds like your jam, check out "We're Back" ASAP.

Allow me to drastically overexplain the premise of the song. See, most rappers boast about their physical toughness and sexual prowess. The Lonely Island use this particular track to rap as hard as they can about their flaws: specifically, their weird, barely-functional genitals. Intended reaction: "Hey! That is not what we expect rappers to do! Also, that is gross!"

I couldn't find a clean version -- and that would ruin the song anyway -- so just use some discretion when deciding where to blast the most gangsta ode to erectile dysfunction ever.