my parents were awesome book edited by eliot glazerMy Parents Were Awesome, a 2-year-old tumblr blog featuring kooky user-submitted photos of parents and grandparents, is the latest bigtime blog-to-book release. It was also created by Urlesque alumnus Eliot Glazer, who always managed to find the weirdest, most fun parent-related stuff to write about.

Congrats to Eliot and to his publishers at Villard Books/Random House on the print edition of this awesome blog. By the way, the book is not just reprinted photos: it's been juiced up with funny parentally-themed stories from Eliot and other skilled comedy writers. We may be a little biased, because we love Eliot, the internet, and our parents, but we totally recommend spending your money to acquire this book.

My Parents Were Awesome: The Book.
Totally Urlesque-approved.