Meta Amazon Thumbnail Wish ListIt's only proper to follow-up The 9 Most Meta Things to Do on Websites with another post about being meta. The internet is constantly monitoring and learning from user behavior. Being 'meta' by using Pandora to listen to songs named Pandora and watching innertube videos on YouTube caused the internet to metastasize.

I first noticed the issue while using the Q&A site Quora to research products for my Epic Amazon Wish List. During my visit, Quora began to ask itself questions. I became gravely concerned that the internet was becoming self-aware. By the time I pulled up The Internet Archive to check for anomalies, it was already too late. The internet had become meta by eating itself for over a decade.

My Epic Amazon Wish List

Here's an Amazon Wish List of my most coveted Wish Lists.
Meta on Amazon Wish List of Wish Lists

The Q&A site Quora asked itself, "What is Quora?"

Meta Quora What is Quora

The Internet Archive archives The Internet Archive

The Internet Archive, archived itself from 1997-2009. Check it out, but be prepared to slog through numerous errors like "Data Retrieval Failure." The internet is trying to cover its now-sentient tracks.