viewsonic unboxing video parodyIf you are unfamiliar with what an "unboxing" video is, let me catch you up. Often, when someone purchases a new product like a computer or a digital camera something compels them to video tape the process of removing it from its original packaging. You've probably stumbled across a video like this searching for some kind of product review, and you probably expected while watching it to perhaps learn a little more about the product.

Sadly, these videos are little help with anything unless you are are interested in seeing someone get excited about their latest purchase (and I doubt that you are).

This video is a hilarious mock unboxing video that pokes fun at how needless and boring these clips tend to be. The music is needlessly epic for what you are witnessing, but it definitely makes the video more entertaining. If all unboxing videos were as funny as this one ,they might just be worth watching ... but until they are I think I'll just buy what ever it is I need and witness the magic first hand. I promise not to film the event.