old man dancing to led zeppelin coverI think I've found my long lost grandpa. The old man in this video proves that you are never too old to rock out to a Led Zeppelin cover with a cold brewski in hand and sick dance moves. I'll bet your grandpa can't move like this guy. Heck, I can't dance like this guy! It is comforting to know that there is hope for me to one day party with a senior citizen discount.

I wonder if in 60 years or so old people of this most recent generation will be getting down to "classic" Justin Bieber tunes...

(Old Man of the Future) "Back in my day President Bieber was a talented musician who made all the ladies swoon! Let me play you an MP3."

(Future Grand Kids) "Grandpa, this sounds awful! And besides, nobody listens to MP3s anymore."

(Old Man of the Future) "I guess you kids are just too young to appreciate real music..."