Al Jazeera English's The Stream reports on a meme springing up on Twitter.

When pro-Gaddafi TV anchor Musa Ibrahim brandished his AK-47 and said he was "proud of handing out AK-47's to our people" on live television, the Internet took note.

Tweets flew around recycling Ibrahim's image and that of other Libyans holding assault rifles. They spawned the hash-tag #EpicLibyanMan. Perhaps a Middle-Eastern revolutionary take on the East Bay's Epic Beard Man?

Soon the tag was being used to describe anti-Qaddafi rebels.

"Epic Libyan Man" is a term for any epic-looking guy in Libya. Especially that last guy...

Now a Tumblr launched that has appropriated Epic Libyan Man for the opposition. The site features images of armed rebels with captions about how much cooler they are than Gaddafi.

Maybe this is the true image of Epic Libyan Man...

"Gaddafi claims to be 'king of kings'. too bad #EpicLibyanMan is the king of Gaddafi. #libya #feb17"