10-year-old connie talbot covers adele someone like youConnie Talbot wowed viewers of Britain's Got Talent with her voice when she was just 6. Now she's a hardened industry veteran (at the ripe old age of 10), and she's posting up some amazing cover songs to YouTube. Her latest video, a fantastic rendition of Adele's "Someone Like You," shows off a voice that sounds like it's coming from someone twice her age.

She's totally sandbagging in the YouTube video description, too, all, "Oh yeah this is okay I guess, but I still need to practise (you know practice with an s because I am British and such)." Little girl, you are 10, and most grownups couldn't sing like you with all the practise in the world.

I know it's tough trying to stay one step ahead of Heather Russell, but sometimes it's okay to just take a break and organize your collection of Justin Bieber Neopets or whatever. We won't tell.

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