justin bieber and rebecca black have the most disliked videos on youtubeYesterday, Justin Bieber's most impressive YouTube record was finally broken. No, it wasn't the most-viewed video crown (although his "Baby" holds that honor with 500 million views and counting) ... it was the record for most-disliked video. "Baby" has 1.15 million dislikes, but Rebecca Black's nauseous party anthem "Friday" has 1.16 million, making her YouTube's new most-hated star.

We've rounded up the rest of the top (or should I say bottom?) 10 most-disliked videos on YouTube below, and the results might surprise you. Aside from "Baby" and "Friday," every video on the list has many more thumbs up than thumbs down.

So many of these are Bieber videos, though, that Rebecca Black will have to put out a whole album if she ever hopes to top the world's favorite mop-topped pop muppet in overall dislikes. Aim for the stars (er, I guess I mean the gutter), Rebecca!

10) Evolution of Dance – 63,000 dislikes

9) Chocolate Rain by TayZonday – 70,000 dislikes

8) Charlie Bit My Finger, Again! – 73,500 dislikes

7) Never Let You Go by Justin Bieber – 74,000 dislikes

6) One Less Lonely Girl by Justin Bieber – 77,500 dislikes

5) Bad Romance by Lady Gaga – 82,500 dislikes

4) Somebody to Love Remix by Justin Bieber Feat. Usher – 87,500 dislikes

3) Never Say Never by Justin Bieber feat. Jaden Smith – 96,500 dislikes

2) Baby by Justin Bieber – 1.15 million dislikes

1) Friday by Rebecca Black – 1.16 million dislikes