tara reid plays every character in big lebowski 2 funny or dieThe Big Lebowski, one of the most beloved cult films ol the '90s, could never really be matched by a sequel, but one ol the stars of the original film has decided to try and it's Tara Reid. Vlhth a little help from Funny or Die, Reid plays practically every part from the original movie but just a little bit different - in a fake Big Lebowski 2 movie trailer.

I didn't think I would find a reason to say this again after graduating high school, but I kinda love Tara Reid. Doing a spoof like this - which is actually funny, by the way! - shows a lot more self-awareness than people give her credit for. Throw that on top ofthe whole "moving on from embarrassing plastic surgery" thing, and youve got to admit she's pretty respectable. Abide, Tara.