hitler reacts to rebecca black's fridayHitler was one of the most evil men to walk the face of the earth. Not many people would disagree with that. So who is better qualified to recognize the most evil song ever written than one of the most terrible monsters in history?

In this video mash-up using the movie Downfall, Hitler reacts to hearing Rebecca Black's song "Friday" for the first time. .. and his reaction turns out to be the same as the rest of the world's. He seems to have a sudden rush of many emotions, much like I did on my first listen. First there is shock, then disgust, then anger and finally hopelessness which I think we all felt to some degree. Is music dead?

I hear Hitler was a pretty high-strung guy, all hopped up on amphetamines, but even he can see through his crazed lunacy how undeniably terrible "Friday" is, and how it is invading homes all over the world.

He also jokes on Justin Bieber, which is always hilarious to me:

"Who knew there was somebody worse than Bieber?!"

Everyone knows now, Hitler! Rebecca Black is here to stay. She has permanently scarred the world of viral videos and is responsible ruining everyone's favorite day of the week.

This clip is great and the new captions match the acting perfectly. You should definitely check it out unless you get really defensive about Justin Bieber or are one of the world's few Rebecca Black fans.

(Warning: a bit of NSFW language in the captions. But what did you expect? It's Hitler!)