Meta Things to Do on Websites Youtube InnertubesThere are a lot of ways to act "meta" on the internet. You could have a Twitter account that tweets about Twitter, blog about blogging, or make infographics about infographics. These actions are pretty meta, but I had to go deeper.

What kind of ridiculously dumb meta things could you do on a website? Turns out there are plenty. Here are the Top 9.

A MySpace Profile for Outer Space

Here's a profile I set up for Outer Space on MySpace that has a photo gallery of celebrities with spaces in their teeth. There's also a fantastic playlist of space-related songs that are out of this world HAHA OH MY GOD HILARZ.
Meta Things to Do on Websites MySpace

Pandora Songs on Pandora

Speaking of playlists, here are my favorite songs with Pandora in the title. Featuring 38 Pandora-related bookmarks and 38 Pandora radio stations.
Meta Things to Do on Websites Pandora

Grooveshark Playlist

Here's an oscillating playlist I set up that combines "groove" and "shark" song titles. Anyone up for an an evening of One Nation Under a Groove Shark?
Meta Things to Do on Websites Grooveshark

Photobucket of Buckets

Everyone loves buckets. I love buckets so much that I made a Photobucket account to store all my buckets. Should I add more buckets to my Photobucket or is my bucket bin too full of buckets?
Meta Things to Do on Websites Photobucket

Tumblr of Tumblers

This person loves flat-bottomed drinking glasses so much he made a single-topic Tumblr for them.
Meta Things to Do on Websites Tumblr Tumblers

Like the Like Button on Facebook

If you like the Facebook Like Button a lot you can like the page that defines what the Like Button is. Go ahead, like it.
Meta Things to Do on Websites Facebook Like Button

Facebook Faces with Book on Them

"Take a picture of someone with a book in front of their face and post it on the site. Its not brain surgery."
Meta Things to Do on Websites Bookface Facebook

Innertubes on Youtube

I'm not sure how it's possible, but this person was able to favorite 400+ YouTube videos of innertubes.
Meta Things to Do on Websites Youtube Innertubes

Subreddits on Reddit for Submarines and Sub Sandwiches

If you love subs, you're in for a delicious underwater treat thanks to these two subreddits on Reddit.
Meta Things to Do on Websites Reddit Subreddits

If you've seen other examples of meta things to do on the web, link them in the comments. Also, feel free to make comments about this comment about commenting in the comment box or comment on other commenters' comments.