animal friendsBunnies are cute. So are cats, birds, dogs, mice and even scaly or slimy creatures like alligators, lizards and snails.

But you want to know what takes their cuteness to a whole new level? A level so extreme your heart may explode due to overwhelming amounts of adorableness?

Interspecies relationships.

AKA - When two very unlikely creatures (sometimes predator/prey or long-time enemies) cohabitate and seem to actually get along. We brought you an ultimate collection about a year ago, now enjoy our 2011 collection.

Baby Hippo + Tortoise
This century-old tortoise and baby hippo found each other after a tsunami hit Mombasa. They spent hours eating, swimming, sleeping and bonding together.

Duck + Cow
This smart duck catches a ride on her friend, a cow.

Monkey + White Tiger
If this monkey-adopts-white-tiger story doesn't warm your heart, nothing will.

Mouse + Frog
I imagine this mouse and frog duo are keeping each other good company on a journey across the pond.

Goat + Otter
The goat in this picture looks as happy as I feel right now.

Dog + Panda Cubs
The mother of these newborn panda cubs rejected them shortly after their birth, but this pup came in to save the day.

Wild Baby Boar + Dog
This mama canine adopted this wild baby boar shortly after some hikers found the critter hungry and alone.

Elephant + Goat
These two unlikely buddies struck up their friendship in South Africa.

Bunny + Kitty
The fact that they have the same coloring and expression should make your "aww" last a little longer.

Horse + Calf
A recently born calf and adult horse walk and talk.

Rat + Dog
This rat and dog belong to the same owner and love to check each other out.

Kitten + Chicks
This flock of yellow chicks seems to welcome this black and white, curious kitty.

Frog + Fish
Swimming with a friend is always more fun.

Cat + Bird
Aren't cats supposed to chase and eat birds? Not in this household!

Monkey + Pigeon
Rumor has it these two cuties traveled the world together.

Pony + Puppy
Time for Eskimo kisses!

Raccoon + Dog
This duo of raccoons and golden retriever enjoy each other's company in the fresh grass.

Tiger + Canine
Nothin' to see here -- just two young animals hangin' out together.

Black Lab + Toad
This toad is livin' the life.

Young Deer + Cat
This Bambi look-alike doesn't mind its feline friend climbing all over him.

Skunk + Kitten
I do believe that skunk is giving this happy kitty some raspberries.

Pig + Dog
Is it just me, or does it look like this pig is cracking up at one of its own jokes?

Antelope + Wild Birds
This antelope must be the wild's equivalent to Disney's Cinderella.

Tiger + Pig
Basking under the warm sun.

Parrot + Kitten
Keeping each other warm while napping.

Dog + Monkey
Long time buddies hangin' out in the grass.

Cat + Chipmunk
That's one giant kiss!

Goat + Dog
Grooming your friend is key to a successful relationship in the animal world.

Alpaca + Dog
These two have been best buddies since they were 3 months old!

Owl + Dog
Kiera, a German Pointer, serves as this four-week-old owl's furry guardian.

Wolf + Goat
This wolf and goat sure are an unlikely duo.

Zebra + Hippo
Hippo's are known for being feisty creatures, so the fact that this zebra doesn't mind risking its life to clean it's hippo friend's mouth says a lot!

Cat + Pig
Time for a belly rub!

Deer + Dog
"Ahh...that's the spot!"

Eagle + Rabbit
These two became best friends after the bunny was put in this eagle's cage for its dinner. The eagle decided it'd rather have a friend than a meal.

Capybara + Squirrel Monkey
This squirrel monkey catches a ride on one of the world's largest rodents, the capybara.

Wild Boar + Pigs
When this wild boar happened upon a hogpen in China, the pigs welcomed him with open arms.

Gorilla + Kitten
This 230 lb. gorilla, who goes by the name Koko, shows affection for her kitten.

Tiger + Pig
This pink pig looks right at home (and very safe) under its tiger friend's arms.

Dog + Kangaroo
After its mother was hit by a car and killed, this sweet canine pictured rescued the baby kangaroo from the mother's pouch and now they're best buds.