tom ford pugWhat is it about pugs that captures the Internets attention and captivates us like no other pooch? Is it the smush face? The sad eyes? What?

Our new favorite hand-held fuzz balls are getting a little help from fashionisto Tom Ford for a course in Gentlemen 101. It's not just that the quotes are fantastic or true, and they are, but it's the whole package. Those demure little furry legs enjoying the highest of design elements. The human outfits shrunk down to miniature size and fitted snugly on the little bodies. There's mega cuteness happening here, but also something else. These pugs as humans offset our greatest basic instinct, to care for one another. Oh four-legged sweetheart, you can't wear bifocals, let me help you with those!

Of course, animals will come and go on the Internet. next week another mammal will be watching TV or sipping soda from a can and we'll all ooh and ahh, but these pugs? They've received a very special education. You can count on them to never confuse their dessert and salad forks or wear white after Labor Day.

tom ford pug

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