peter coffin had a fake girlfriendYouTuber Peter Coffin is caught up in his own personal version of Catfish right now, but in this version, he's the portly mid-western mom with the braid.

After being repeatedly pestered by Coffin on Twitter for her so-called obsession with vanity, blogger Xiaxue decided to play detective and see what she could find on him. What she wound up finding out was something truly crazy: Peter was carrying on a relationship online with a woman created entirely by him. As in, she doesn't exist.

Getting busted for that is enough to crush whatever cred Coffin had, but the way that Xiaxue was able to unravel the world he created for "Kimi Kobayashi" makes his story worse.

Kimi, who described herself on her blog as an 18-year-old girl who was raised in Japan but currently living in New York, was actually a Korean Ulzzang girl, which is basically their version of a Corey Kennedy (not particularly famous, but there are endless photos of her on the Internet).

The background in several of the photos Kimi posted to her blog clearly had Korean signage and graffiti in them, but she identified herself as being in Japan. As Xiaxue points out in her Peter Coffin exposé, assuming that all Asian people look the same and that no one would ever be able to tell the difference was probably Peter's biggest mistake.

kimi kobayashi supposedly japanese but with korean words in the background
His other mistake? An endless trail of fake Kimi posts on everything from a Twitter page (on which Kimi seemed to fancy herself somewhat of a comedian,) YouTube comments shamelessly defending her man and a Tumblr page. Stereotypical and/or downright crude comments about women and Asian culture made up many of the Tweets and entries that were written by Coffin as Kimi. One can only assume that Coffin has an obsession with Asian women that eventually manifested into one of the most straight-up humiliating things we've ever seen on the web ... and that's saying something.

kimi kobayashi fake tumblr post
Since Coffin's lies were exposed, he's deleted his Facebook fan page and disabled commenting on his YouTube videos and account. He has also sent a cease and desist email to Xiaxue to remove her post detailing the truth. Sucks, dude.