boston rich man throws money in starbucksSo you're alone at Starbucks, sipping your caramel macchiato, thinking about all the big issues like our failing economy, our nation's rising unemployment, your own job security, and your next rent payment ... when in walks a mysterious gentleman with a unusual agenda. He reaches into a bag exclaiming, "I'm rich! I'm rich!" and begins hurling handfuls of dollar bills into the air, all over the cafe!

Sound strange? Sounds unlikely. Believe it or not, this actually happened at a Starbucks in Boston. When it was all over the mystery man just quietly walked out,leaving a lot of shocked coffee drinkers trying to decide whether they were going to be the first one to scramble to the cash.

Who is this rich stranger who makes it rain on entire cafés? No one knows. But someone managed to snap a picture, and you can see it in this news report below. Very strange and very cool! One employee picked up the money and she said that she was going to donate it to the Japan tsunami relief (which is also very cool). I wish this kind of thing would happen at my local Starbucks.

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