forever alone involuntary flashmob 4chanAs most Urlesque readers know, flashmobs are spontaneous events where a lot of people volunteer to show up at an appointed time and place and do something cool or interesting. But what if someone planned an involuntary flashmob? 4chan users and Reddit's 4chan forum are apparently plotting one right now, by making fake dating profiles on OKCupid to lure a ton of unsuspecting single guys to an appointed location.

Naturally, the place where these "forever alone" dudes would meet their online dream dates is out in public at New York's Times Square, and there's an easily accessible webcam pointed at it. That means trolls can watch the involuntary flashmob from the comfort of their own homes.

Check out the image explaining the plan (and a shot of the location) below.Do you think it'll work? Is it funny, or just mean? I have my doubts that the unsuspecting guys will look much different on camera than the usual Times Square pedestrian traffic, but I guess we'll see on May 13th.

Here's the plan:

and here's the location ...