Remember book fairs in elementary school, when the cafeteria was transformed into a magical young-adult Barnes and Noble? Those were the days.

But how did you get your lit fix in between book fairs? Book flyers and newsletters from Teach, of course, from Scholastic and Troll, advertising the latest offerings from The Baby-Sitters Club (oh Stacey, take your insulin!) or Choose Your Own Adventure (Oops, you plunged down an endless chasm; go back to page 54 and try not to mess up this time).

Admit it, you hoarded these flyers in your room, painstakingly circling and starring the ones you wanted, you little word nerd. SHUTTUP, MY FRIENDS ARE IN THOSE PAGES!!!

(While Scholastic News was different from the book orders, we thought this issue seemed relevant.)

Hillary Buckholtz is editor of the nostalgia website I'm Remembering!

Special thanks to The Evil King Macrocranios (aka toy robot enthusiast Steve) for digging most of these out of stack of childhood school papers. Thanks also to Shawn Robare of Branded In The 80s for bringing our attention to them.