Do you remember that tumblr site that posted a bunch of pictures lesbians who looked like Justin Bieber? Did they really look that much like him or did they just have similar haircuts? It's debatable. Now there is a similar tumblr that is causing some buzz in this same vein of observational comedy: Lesbians who look like Conan O'Brien. I think we can all agree that these are some very, VERY lucky ladies!

Anyone would feel fortunate to have Conan's porcelain white complexion, his fiery red locks, and of course his powerful 6'5 frame and build. You could pretty much spend your entire life coasting on good looks, as I am sure these ladies have all done.

Some of them look more like Coco than others. It takes more than red hair to be able to claim the right to call yourself a Conan look-a-like, but some of these ladies have the right stuff (although, not all of them are lesbians). Check out a few of these awesome Lady Conans below.