belly flop off diving boardThe Belly Flop: despite its ouch factor, this wonderful pool maneuver symbolizes freedom, youthful delight and -- best of all -- warm weather. Wonderful, balmy weather.

In honor of 2011's first official day of spring, we're gracing you with 8 videos of some of the best belly flops ever recorded. May this round of inspiring videos prompt a few of your own in the very near future.

The suspense that's built up before this guy's massive belly flop is borderline cinematic quality. The fact that half the video is dedicated to his recovery post water smack down says a lot, too. There's even an encore!

Two words: Corgi + Bellyflop. The cuteness factor is almost too much to handle.

This one's a Watch as Steve jumps from a giant yellow crane into a muddy man-made pond. There may or may not be a magnificent mullet involved.

This 40 foot bellyflop was of the accidental variety, but those are definitely the best kind. (So long as you're the amused observer.)

We give this Olympic contestant a gold medal for bellyflop form.

Okay, so we know that winter is the backdrop here, but ignore that for a second. This guy jumps from 11 meters (or 36 feet in yankee speak) into a kiddie pool filled with only 30 cm of water. Thanks to physics, he's still alive.

What's better than a belly flop montage of the world's best bellyfloppers? Answer: Maybe a corgi doing a belly flop, but nothing else.

Even though this video is short, you have to give credit to Jesus' spread eagle form. It almost looks as if he's soaring through the air in slow motion.