ugandans lay eggsQuestion and answer boards like Yahoo! Answers are a breeding ground for hilarity. They're the source of triumphant internet memes like "How Is Babby Formed" and provide hours upon hours of uncontrollable laughter.

In fact, browsing the Q/A boards at Yahoo! and other sites is one of my go-to methods for cheering myself up. (Other effective methods include giggling babies and anything to do with fuzzy felines).

This round up of recent Yahoo! Answers may very well prove there is such a thing as "dumb questions." Warning: May cause brain damage.

Really? You're asking if Ugandans lay eggs? Either this guy is an unapologetic racist or just plain dense. Given the medium, we'll go with the latter.

ugandans lay eggs

Instead of simply doing a few crunches, this guy "punche myself in the stomach" to the point of nausea.
punch myself in stomach

Asking how to survive a wild urban hipster is a perfectly legitimate question. We also approve of the answer.
wild urban hipster

Video game makers take note. Carl on Duty: Black Cops could actually be a success.
carl on duty

Ah, the age old question of "what happens if you swallow gum?" We assume the gum fairy is a perverted version of the one that steals teeth from under pillows.

Correct answer to "Is my cat retarded for fighting with himself?": Yes, your cat is retarded.

Nariko, we hate to break it to you, but the reason your face looks crooked on a webcam probably has something to do with having a crooked face.

Dear Bluecheezefang, please let us know which brand of dog you decided on.
brand of dog

The weird part here is that you had a dream where you have sex with your mom, not the fact that you are 29 years apart.
dream sex with mom

If your girlfriend farts while you're making out, making love or making cookies, we suggest you give her a high five. Double five if it stinks.
girlfriend farted making out