button king dalton stevens songIf you haven't heard that Dalton Stevens, The Button King of Bishopville, South Carolina has a thing for buttons, he will tell you all about it in this video with this lovely song. I suppose saying simply that he has a thing for buttons is a huge understatement. This guy has turned buttons into a fashion statement and a means for interior design. He has buttons on his guitar, and he even covered his car with 150,000 buttons!

His obsession with buttons started when the Button King found himself unable to sleep, dealing with insomnia. He started sewing buttons to his clothes to pass those waking hours and eventually moved on to attaching buttons to literally everything else. He even opened a museum to display all of his button-covered items to the public. Where on earth does someone find all those buttons? I suppose once you have a reputation as The Button King, the donations of buttons start coming to you. This guy is pretty cool in my book.