rebecca black in fridayIf you have been anywhere near a computer with internet access in the last week then you have no doubt heard Rebecca Black's godawful song "Friday". It is true that it is terrible. The entire world (except Good Morning America) agrees. I would imagine her parents are even asking themselves where they went wrong. Like it or not, this song is so awesomely bad that it has gone super viral, inspiring many people to make hilarious covers and mash-ups that almost justify Friday's existence.

Since it is impossible to un-hear a song (believe me, I have tried) it is best now to embrace "Friday," because this Rebecca Black phenomenon isn't going away any time soon. For that reason I have taken the time to scour the internet for all of the best covers, mash-ups and interpretive dance routines that "Friday" has inspired. Some of these are weird, some of them make the song more easily tolerable and some of them are just funny.

Again, since you can't un-hear a song, maybe it would help ease your suffering to get a better version of a bad thing stuck in your head. Take your pick. I've selected many!

This very talented girl, Casey Harper, makes this song more than bearable with her beautifully sung acoustic cover tune. I checked out her channel on YouTube and found that she does a great cover of Arcade Fire's Sprawl II that you should give a listen to.

Remember boy bands? Here's a band called Tucker doing a pretty spot-on boy band-esque cover of Friday with just a guitar and beautiful harmonies. I think I heard one of them fart mid-headstand, too. Perhaps that was a little insight into their true feelings for the song.

Here we have The Ailment doing a metal/screamo cover, which is the way this song should have been in the first place. At least this way you can barely make out the terrible lyrics through all of that screaming. Like most of these covers, I prefer this one over the original.

Matt Mulholland does a seriously dramatic version here that is just hilarious. You can just hear the pain in his voice. It must be killing him inside to be singing this song.

Oh man, check out the hair on Epic Mullet Guy. This is another dramatic cover, but I don't know whether I am laughing at his rendition of the song or at his massively triumphant mullet. I think it's the mullet.

I included Alex Carpenter's cover in an earlier post, but it is too hilarious not to include in this collection. The Captain Morgan with his cereal is a nice choice before heading down to the bus stop.

Here is a mash-up of the Ice Cube Movie "Friday" and the awful song Friday. It mashes up so perfectly, I wonder if Rebecca Black had the movie in mind when she wrote the song.

Remember that ridiculous Pumpkin Dance? When mashed up with Friday it actually works. Though it is still very strange.

As you're probably aware, Bob Dylan is responsible for every #1 hit in the last 35 years. He has written so many songs over the course of his career, could he have accidentally made the worst song ever? No. I refuse to blame this on Bob. But someone made a pretty cool Dylan-esque cover that I could almost handle putting on my iPod.

Covers are funny, but this parody is pretty spot on approriate in poking fun at Rebecca Black's monotonous lyrics. It is pretty impressive that they got the music just right too.

Kalie Shorr does a fine acoustic cover here. With all this real talent out there, why on earth do they have Rebecca Black singing this song?

This kid gets into his cover. As you can see, this song is starting to make people emotional. He seems to think that "Friday" is a epidemic sure to bring on the end of days. I kind of agree with him.

Check out this dubstep remix. It has a pretty sick drop. You may actually feel inspired to dance to this one.

The singing here is a far cry better than Rebecca's and apparently this video wound up on Ryan Seacrest's blog. Sweet.

This was the first "Friday" cover I heard all week and it is still one of the better ones.

Pop punk band So Long Arletta does a pretty hilarious cover here. The opening is the best, where the singer screams, "OH MY GOD´╗┐ ITS FRIDAY!! WHERE'S EVERYONE GONNA SIT!?!"