cathymay15 awkward girl boom boom boomWe're just about the last site to post this amazing popular video of an awkward teen girl singing the Outhere Brothers' "Boom Boom Boom" (the one that goes, "Lemme hear ya say wayoh!") to her webcam. It just took us that long to process the magic.

I'm sure CathyMay15 wasn't expecting 4chan to find her homemade singing videos and spread them around the internet, but my god, she made a lot of them! She had 28 videos before she took her account down, and several of them have been saved and reuploaded for the internet's entertainment.

It's rough going from an unknown 18-year-old girl in Norway to an instant internet superstar, but I hope CathyMay15 decides to embrace her fame the way young internet winners like Keenan Cahill have. Heck, some people are already calling her the next Boxxy! Come back to the internet, Cathy! We won't bite!