simon pegg and nick frost as r2d2 and c-3po in star wars spoofBy now you all well know Simon Pegg and Nick Frost from their brilliant performances in films like Hot Fuzz and Shaun Of The Dead. These two guys have chemistry that could make them hilarious in almost any situation. Now take that chemistry and put it towards recreating a scene from Star Wars, and what you get is comedy gold.

It may not have ended up a shot-for-shot remake but it certainly turned out funny enough to get a good laugh or two.

In this CollegeHumor vid, Pegg plays the role of C-3PO and Frost plays a not so enthusiastic R2D2, as he just can't seem to get the beeps and whistles just right. A inevitable argument begins between the two and as a result hilarity ensues for all to enjoy.

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