blonde ucla girl in pushup bra posts racist blog rant about asiansIt's hard out there in the Los Angeles streets for a white, blonde girl in a pushup bra. At least that's what one UCLA student is suggesting in a controversial vlog that went viral overnight. The girl, who KoreAm has identified as Alexandra Wallace, posted a rant about Asian international students and why they annoy her, and the response has understandably been less than favorable.

Wallace's main gripes with Asian people are that they talk on the phone in the library to check on tsunami victims and invite their moms to campus to do their laundry and cook for them.

The insensitive generalizations, paired with an imitation straight out of a 1950's cartoon, have inspired one UCLA student to make a reaction video that's getting just as much attention, and I'm sure there are tons of reactions still to come.

In an attempt to manage the fallout, Wallace has taken the original video down, but because this is the internet, there are plenty of copies all over YouTube.

A Copy of the Original Video

Another UCLA Student's Response Video

A Dubstep Remix Because This Is the Internet

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