history major heraldic beast is one of the college and university major memes taking over tumblrAdvice Animal memes have gone to college, and now there's an animal for just about every academic major you can think of. The trend started with memes like Art Student Owl, but it's grown across Tumblr to encompass many more fields of study. Get ready to meet Music Major Ostrich, Math Major Sloth, Political Science Major Gecko and many more.

Like Art Student Owl, most of these memes are less about punchlines than about pseudo-insidery observations from actual students. Every major has stereotype in almost-Glee-like proportions, and you'll get many of them even if they're not in your particular area of expertise.

Every one of these memes includes a variation on the joke, "You're majoring in ______ ? What are you going to do with that?", so we also decided to force introduce a new meme that contrasts the idealism and musical theatre of college with the soul-sucking drudgery of actual, real-life, post-graduation work. It's called Employable Elephant (you're welcome).

Design Major Seal

English Major Armadillo

History Major Heraldic Beast

Journalism Major Camel

Lit Major Lemur

Math Major Sloth

Music Major Ostrich

Political Science Major Gecko

Religious Studies Major Dove

Science Major Mouse

Thespian Peacock

(via fyeahthespianpeacock.tumblr.com)

And introducing ... Urlesque's own Employable Elephant