todd bieber finds owner of lost brooklyn blizzard filmAfter months of fruitless searching and having almost given up a few weeks ago, Todd Bieber has finally returned the roll of mystery film he found in Prospect Park during a blizzard.

As Todd suspected, the photographer was European -- her name is Camille and she's a student from Paris. Camille used to live in New York, and when her old roommate saw the video online and noticed that a lot of the photos were taken outside of their old apartment, she forwarded the video to Camille in France.

Camille reached out to Todd via email, and once they'd verified that she was, in fact, the photographer, Todd and his girlfriend flew all the way across the Atlantic from New York and embarked on a ten-day European road trip to give Camille her photos. Along the way, they stayed in the homes of people who had e-mailed him offering to help throughout his search.

When Todd and Camille finally meet, they joke that he's a real-life Amelie, and I've gotta say the comparison is pretty spot-on. It doesn't get more twee than this, and I'm happy that the story finally came full circle.

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