chronicles of rick roll starring antoine dodson and double rainbowThe Chronicles of Rick Roll, a meme-themed movie starring Antoine Dodson, Double Rainbow, LeeRoy Jenkins, Boom Goes the Dynamite and other internet stars, now has a full-length trailer. It still doesn't seem entirely real, but the plot centers around the hero, Rick Rolland (ha ha!), and his quest to rescue a girl he met on the internet. Because he's never going to give her up, you see.

The Chronicles of Rick Roll seems to be a cross between Lord of the Rings, Alice in Wonderland, and YouTube. Antoine Dodson plays a mad hatter character, and the heroes discover some mystical "web rings" -- again, ha ha! -- from the early days of the internet. Yeah, it's the very definition of "forced meme," but it looks like the whole meme team is having fun making it. Too bad they couldn't recruit Sad Keanu and Strutting Leo for some additional acting firepower.