darth vader charlie sheen mashup sheen warsA long time ago in a galaxy far, far away ... Darth Sheen ruled all with his addiction to winning and his Vatican assassins. He became hell bent on becoming the ultimate power in the universe! Charlie Sheen is Darth Sheen in Sheen Wars!

Sheen Wars mashes up all of the best ridiculous Charlie Sheen rants that we've been hearing lately in interviews and TV appearances with Darth Vader scenes from Star Wars. The clip came from darthbale.com, where they have similar mash ups of Christian Bale from that time he went off the deep end and lashed out at a person in the light crew on one of his sets. There is also one with George Takei that is pretty funny. All of the mash-ups on this site are pretty hilarious, so you should check them out, but my personal favorite is Sheen Wars.