emilio estevez charlie sheen meme from filmdrunkCharlie Sheen has been in the spotlight all week, but what about his brother, Breakfast Clubber and Mighty Duck Emilio Estevez? Shouldn't he have a meme, too? The fine folks at Filmdrunk thought so. They've given Emilio some great lines ... that are just "slightly less gnarly" versions of recent Sheen outbursts.

Emilio, the voice of reason, isn't an F-18. He's a much more practical 747, bro. Instead of deploying his ordnance, he deploys his wheels before he lands. He's Charlie Sheen lite, and it's hilarious.

I've posted some of the best Emilio meme pics below, but you should probably brush up on your Charlie Sheen quotes so you get all the jokes.

And, of course, visit the full gallery at Filmdrunk.