hipster wonder woman is a hipster super heroineHipster Ariel was trendy. Hipster Villains became a overnight sensation. Now they are old and tired and Hipster Superheroines -- courtesy of our friends at Comics Alliance -- are on the cutting edge of hip obscurity when it comes to memes. They are so underground you've probably never heard of most of them -- which is just the way they like it.

Hipster Ariel may as well be listening to Justin Beiber and drinking Miller Chill for how mainstream she is. It's Hipster Wonder Woman's time now! So tip back a PBR, turn up your favorite unheard of, unsigned band and enjoy Hipster Super Heroines while they're still cool.

Our favorites are below, and don't forget to scope out the full gallery at Comics Alliance.

Hipster Jean Grey

Hipster Fire

Hipster Zatanna

Hipster Wonder Woman

Hipster Scarlet Witch

Hipster Power Girl