animals playing instruments: dog with keyboardThere are thousands of unheard musicians across the globe who spend a lot of time and energy trying to create beautiful music, but nevermind those try-hards. Here are some videos of animals, much like Keyboard Cat, made web-famous for mashing around on a thing that makes sounds.

That's all a keyboard is to a dog. A noisy box that produces random tones (and food, of course) when mashed upon.

Dancing elephant plays a cheery tune on the harmonica.

Punk dog is punk.

I, for one, welcome our new walrus overlords.

Human abuse.

Multi-talented, much like the Biebs.

"To help me achieve God's plan of having more views and subs, Miss Delilah has performed a miracle on camera."

Look at those creepy little hands.

The comments are right, he is better than Nickelback!

You, too, can have a musical dog. Hint: cheese drum.

"I'm not your monkey!!"

Me at my high school talent show:

Ke$ha playing the horn: