Titli's Busy KitchenYou might not be in the market for easy halal YouTube recipes, but that doesn't mean that Titli Nihaan's 'Titli's Busy Kitchen' doesn't bring something to the table for you.

She's a self-proclaimed "child of the 60's" from Birmingham, UK, and while her Kashmiri Palak (Sag) Paneer might not be for everybody, her little one-liners are objectively goofy.

Like, I'm sorry, but if you don't have time in your day to watch a little Rachel Dratch-esque British mom tell you that she "prefers the taste of something white and creamy" in her mouth, then you might want to reprioritize your life because you're doing it wrong.

Key Lime Pie Mime Time

Titli Dances, Makes Baklava

Banoffee Pie