charlie sheen twitter account winning internetIf you woke up this morning and couldn't figure out why the American Red Cross was tweeting about #tigerblood, it's because Charlie Sheen has continued his media takeover and gotten himself a Twitter account.

If his overnight skyrocket to more than 800,000 followers is any indication, this dude's definitely got the world's attention right now. Whether or not he can say anything that convinces CBS to re-hire him is a completely different story.

But since he keeps giving interviews and delivering absurd quotes, the memes are still coming full steam, and I've rounded up a bunch of the best for your loling pleasure.

UPDATE: The Sheen memes just keep coming. Here's another Charlie Sheen internet roundup.

A parody of Parks and Rec's Ron Swanson Pyramid of Greatness
charlie sheen pyramid of greatness

FunnyorDie's Charlie Sheen Advice Meme

Does that look like a face that would give bad advice?
charlie sheen advice meme
charlie sheen motivational posters

The Charlie Sheen Soundboard

Finally, you can prank call someone and talk about how you want to "LOVE [THEM] VIOLENTLY!" without fear of vocal recognition.
charlie sheen soundboard

Charlie Sheen E-Cards

Because nothing says "Thinking of u Grandma" like grasping desperately for relevant buzztopic like it's a broken door in the middle of the icy Atlantic. Also you're Kate Winslet.
Have some fun in the office today. You've earned it.

Sheen Quotes as New Yorker Cartoons

Smart things next to dumb things!

Charlie Sheen Quotes Said by Superheroes

Delusions of grandeur, dubious grammar.

Jimmy Kimmel Turns Charlie Sheen Into Charlie Brown

Mac Lethal's Charlie Sheen Rap

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