art student owl advice animal memeArt Student Owl is a standout in the latest crop of advice memes. This cigarette-smoking bird who apparently originated on Tumblr might hit a little too close to home for anyone who's gone to (or dropped out of) art school. Art Student Owl abandons the punchline formula we've been seeing with so many other advice animals, and sticks to funny-because-it's-true observations about art school life.

Sure, a lot of these are stereotypical, but they're also accurate. In fact, most of the submissions to the Art Student Owl tumblr seem to be from current or former art students. Who better to make fun of paying $40,000 a year to drink cheap beer, do drugs, and edit pretentious video installations? The self-deprecation makes it okay to laugh!

Check out some of the best Art Student Owls below, and head over to F Yeah Art Student Owl for more.