paula deen riding things, in this case falcor from the neverending storyA photo of down-home cooking show host Paula Deen riding on the back of Food Network star Robert Irvine at the South Beach Food and Wine Festival hit the internet a mere 21 hours ago, and it already has its own single-topic Tumblr called 'Paula Deen Riding Things'.

The blog provides readers with two .png templates to use however they see fit, and then encourages people to submit their masterpieces so that everyone can enjoy them.

It's a newborn meme, so I don't think it's at full steam yet, but if that goofy facial expression and glass of wine are any indicator, we might have another Snookishop on our hands.

Paula Deen Riding Nessie

Paula Deen Riding a Cat in the Sky

Paula Deen Riding an Ostrich

Paula Deen Riding Paula Deen